ADRF grant awarded to Karol Karnowski

21st Dec 2017

Congratulations to Research Fellow Karol Karnowski for being awarded an Australian Dental Research Grant (ADRF) to move our polarisation sensitive OCT towards in situ tumour margin identification on the micro-scale in oral tissue.

National Breast Cancer Foundation innovator award

27th Nov 2014

Congratulations to Brendan Kennedy, David Sampson, and collaborator Christobel Saunders for winning a National Breast Cancer Foundation Innovator Award for “Micro-palpation: translating touch to the micro-scale to guide breast-conserving surgery.” A great outcome!

ARC grants awarded to Robert McLaughlin and Dirk Lorenser

9th Nov 2014

Congratulations to A/Prof. Robert McLaughlin for being awarded a Discovery Project grant from the Australian Research Council. The award of $355,000 over three years will support research into multi-modal OCT + fluorescence needles for cancer detection. Congratulations also to A/Prof. Dirk Lorenser for being awarded a prestigious Discovery Early Career Research Award from the Australian Research Council. The grant of $378,000, also over 3 years, is for research into combining OCT fibre probes with optical sensing technologies. Well done guys.